The 12th Shanghai international bags leather handbags exhibition in 2015 merchants started in an all

Sponsored by the Shanghai leather technology association in 2015, the 12th Shanghai international exhibition of luggage leather handbags (BLSE exhibition) has now begun investment promotion, the exhibition will be on June 4, 2015 - June 6, held in Shanghai international exhibition center. 

Held for the first time since the 2004 international exhibition of luggage leather handbags, has is the 12th year."Twelve years, who is thin hair", BLSE expo successful adaptation leather bags consumer demand the qualities such as personality, functional, practical and purchasing trend of high-end brand, has become a top leather work event.Back in 2014 BLSE exhibition, exhibitors brand journey HuaShi diplomats, love, beauty, pie, crown, ace, leopard, golden road to rouse - handsome, Disney, 3 dknight, COSAC and Germany held qixin, Eiffel, dknight, yobo, Mary Jo, the store opened, the new poem, quanzhou jin, tang, ma ke Lin 'surplus, AnFa, hengfeng, Kim yeon clothing, day, xin jian, prosperity, handbags, adidas man, Dr Berman, new ambassador ents, leather bags, thousands of harvesting and silks ernie, German, stearns, quality high, tai fu, scarlett Lucy, send letter import and export, her constant artisan AILEY CASES, ocean star, in treasure, Hong Kong beauty, beauty, he farce, corina, joann international, its rich road, transit, such as more than 1000 kinds of the products, attracted a total of more than 70000 merchants to visit negotiate, intention to turnover of more than 100 million, visit the merchants from 23 countries and regions, both at home and abroad a wide range of social and economic benefits were obtained.According to reporter understanding, the exhibition area will reach more than 20000 square meters, is expected to carry out, there will be hundreds of import and export company at home and abroad will be attending the or visit, 100000 buyers from home and abroad to visit.During the association will hold more than technology exchange meeting, new product launches and professional BBS lectures and other activities, the audience will appreciate the current cutting-edge information and technology to the leather industry.Information section at the same time, the exhibition also set up information, including CCTV, netease, sina, baidu, both at home and abroad more than seventy professional website, journals, newspapers and other media will show you the latest product information of leather industry.According to emulate, in order to better cultivate the brand effect of exhibition, the exhibition held in the past, on the basis of multiple pathways, wide Angle collection resources at home and abroad, through the specialization of operation, it is custom designed for enterprises personalized display space, exhibition brand in market development pathway, so as to build a display, communication, promote the integration of the interactive platform to trade, to all the exhibitors will strengthen the corporate image and to improve its brand awareness, mining potential customers resources.As a mature industry professional event, "the 12th China (Shanghai) international exhibition bags leather handbags with the aid of the positive momentum of the rapid growth of China's leather industry, relying on the Shanghai as China's largest trading city and sales market geographical location advantages, the attentions of the industry, and the exhibition will demonstrate further specialization, marketization and internationalization, and brand exhibition mentality, will provide more customers with the vast business opportunities.
Date:2015/12/28 12:18:51