Ecological leather leather new consumption concept

Recently, the European commission issued a regulation no. 301/2014, of manufactured or imported in the eu can direct contact with the skin of leather products to limit hexavalent chromium content requirements.Its contact with the skin of leather goods and parts of including leather goods, if hexavalent chromium concentration more than 3 mg/kg, not in the eu market, the regulations will take effect on May 1, 2015.Dermal mark enterprise is the outstanding group of China's leather industry, leather marks ecological leather is genuine leather.Dermal mark ecological leather product specification, in addition to the provisions of the general physical and chemical indicators, leather on the leather of the hexavalent chromium, banned azo dye, five chlorine phenol (PCP) and free formaldehyde were limited.It highlights the leather in May have an impact on the ecological environment of the existence of special chemicals limited rules and the pollution of leather enterprise management.

To strengthen the presentation and marketing of outstanding group to carry out relevant laws and regulations, advocating ecological leather leather, promote the industry and the international community, promote quality security products.2014 China international exhibition on the leather in a specially set up galleries of dermal mark and ecological leather enterprises, bm, grammy, golden road, dongming, societe generale, kaiyuan, rising, Volkswagen, macro focus, such as universal brought excellent, innovative products and leather consumption concept.
Date:2016/3/2 15:35:25