In 2016 the second China international luggage trade fair field

Field of China and the international bags trading center is located in baoding city, hebei province BaiGou Town Beijing, tianjin, triangular hinterland, located in the "" Beijing, tianjin and hebei metropolis circle and the" ring the capital economic circle "core region, the north is 102 km from Beijing, tianjin in the east and 108 kilometers, 62 kilometers south to baoding.Tianjin high-speed, high-speed beijing-zhuhai expressway, beijing-guangzhou, beijing-kowloon railway, China high speed rail crisscross transportation network, such as in the cities can quickly access.Field to the north of daxing, the capital of the second international airport is only 55 km before the exhibition to display logistics mailed into, please contact the logistics staff.
Date:2016/5/8 16:06:35