Seven tips for your big handbags can really

Guide language: "classic", "timeless", "can carry a lifetime" -- women "heavy gold investment" a classic when big handbags will flash across this a few word in my head.But how many people know the maintenance bag?Before two years, the former "baby" no longer shiny and smooth, the leather handle become dark and dirty, metal accessories scratch, open the lining also eyeful stain...To the handbag "eternal youth" appreciation, even correct maintenance but asked the university.Today teach you seven simple and effective handbags maintenance method, can let your handbag really back for the rest of your life.
Different material please "suit the remedy to the case" maintenance
Crocodile skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin and other rare leather handbag to use dry towel to clean on the surface, and then tap, and add a layer of leather brightener leather luster.If special material, such as suede, suede, suede, animals need to use a soft brush gently sweep surface of handbags.The material is not easy to do, so try to avoid glue adhesion strong food or paint;And easy dirty materials such as cotton, cloth, please remember that don't use brush to clean up, easy to leave traces and dirt, after wiping with a clean wet towel dry naturally.Must suit the remedy to the case to make the handbag be considerate care and maintenance.
Keep the handbag "original size"
Three dimensional a handbag or soft material hand bag, is not to "lose" stuffed in a wardrobe.Handbags how to receive and place is a science, "artifact" : everyone needs both dust bag and shredding.Have a type of handbag to fit in shredding group to maintain the "size", please wrapped in dust bag, after completes the basic cleaning (patent leather bag please do not use plastic bag is received), and finally into the ventilation and have certain space of the cabinet.To stay soft invisible handbags also cannot ambiguous.As far as possible not to suede, soft soft material such as leather handbags and sharp objects, hang or flat in receive a case is right choice.If discover handbags have crease or fold, blow the hair dryer to small gear light wrinkles.
Let vanity glamorous do not fade
How many bags by attract our gorgeous colour and lustre, so it is very important to protect their "face".To bag the biggest culprit is the sun faded, stored handbag must be shady and ventilated place.Second please period using light spray cleaning agent, not back to daub milk or glycerol to keep the colour and lustre.As for patent leather handbag, light color dyeing please try to avoid clothes or chemical solvent and rub off together.
Don't pass the handbag the lining
Now, many luxury handbags using the lining all the cherish material such as leather crocodile skin even, so please don't ignore the maintenance of the lining.Bags placed cosmetics or food must remember to seal, he accidentally leak will affect the whole line;Put pen when had better put nut pen rather than according to the pen, lest pen on the lining after being push "dao".Finally, please avoid placing sharp objects in order to avoid cut the lining, make handbags can also "consistent" inside and outside.
Make the hardware fittings lasting shine
Big bags of hardware accessories had been intended to reduce the edge horn leather wear, in recent years gradually evolved into a part of the handbag design.Hardware accessories affect rust or very beautiful, so be sure to wipe on a regular basis.After handbags in the rain, in a timely manner with a dry towel to dry;If you have mild oxidation or rust, can wipe gently with the toothpaste or flour.In addition, when using the handbags to avoid hitting the and nut sharp objects, so as to avoid metal parts injury riddled with scratches.
Regular maintenance is the most important
First of all, don't put too much items in the bag, or long-term handbags will lose the original shape.Second, pay attention to handle maintenance, frequent contact with the hand make handle easy to wear and accumulate dirt.Bag keep hands clear clean, or wear scarves in handle place adornment can effectively keep the handle clean.Three is like sticks on must be immediately deal with besmirch, toothpaste, alcohol or detergent can be temporary deal with stain.Of course, have some professional nursing handbags or spray mist maintain oil on a regular basis to maintain the handbag is king.
Let vanity also enjoy professional maintenance
With rare and the classic brand of leather handbags as long as the proper care, not only can back a lifetime can even be passed on to the next generation.Most of the luxury brands will offer their handbags free basic maintenance.In addition, you can also to take handbags to professional leather maintenance shop more costly thoroughly maintenance, professional technique can not only repair and maintenance products, such as scratches, faded yourself is not easy to solve the problem, you can also make handbags itself gradually reduce natural oils were repaired, greatly extend the service life of handbags.So what are you waiting for, go ahead and handbag world "4 s shop" for your bags to do a "brighten" beauty!!!!
Date:2016/5/8 16:14:58